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New Way of Living Ministries, Inc.
Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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My Testimony

     I want people to know that GOD is able to do the impossible. He restored my marriage, healed my body from cancer and caused me to know Him in a way I had never known Him before. I want people to know that God's love is not like man's. His love is unconditional. GOD does not stop loving us because we feel we have let Him down.

     If you give your life to GOD, I promise you won't be disappointed because He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ask or think. (Eph.3:19-20).

     My desire is that this ministry will empower individuals to walk in newness of life made available by a personal relationship with Christ Jesus.  Salvation is so much more than just coming to church on Sunday Morning. Salvation is our opportunity to learn more about who GOD is and to allow Him to make us better individuals for the Kingdom of God.


 Women & Young Women's Ministry

      My desire for women is to empower them to realize their full potential in God. "Women are amazing! They have the ability to give life and nurture that life into someone GREAT." Women not only love their own, but have heart's BIG enough to love and encourage those that are not their own. 

      I want to instill confidence in young women so they won't lower their standards or settle for less than what GOD has for them. They will expect to be treated with utmost dignity and respect. 

      Young women will know that their bra and hip size do not define who they are. They will know that true beauty comes from the inside out. Society's definition of beauty is defined by what is seen on the outside. God's way is the exact opposite.

       God wants us to look and feel good about ourselves, but He is more concerned with the condition of our hearts. When our heart is right, it makes us free to have the capacity to love and accept other's faults more easily. We are not so quick to judge what we see but are provoked to look a little deeper than the surface.  

Co-Pastor Duncan